Owners Information

When Puketapu 3A Block was partitioned by order of the Native Land Court on 3 December 1919, there were 190 owners holding a total of 179.5 shares.  The owners primarily descended from the hapu of Ngati Turamakina and Ngati Hinemihi.

At 30 June 2020, the ownership of Puketapu 3A Incorporation had grown to 1,645 owners holding a total of 1,310,846 shares. 

Currently, we do not have addresses for 1/3rd of our owners, and our unclaimed dividend putea amounts to over $400,000.

Please review the list of owners to who we owe dividends.  If you know any of these people, or if you want to know if you are an owner in our Incorporation please contact us.




PUK - UC monies over $5.pdf



Puketapu Unclaimed Monies over $5 - August 2018


Puketapu top 25 unclaimed dividends - August 2018


Puketapu 3A Partition Order


Do you need help succeeding to your shares in Puketapu 3A Incorporation?

We can help you to succeed to your Incorporation shares.  Please contact us to find out how. 

Also, for your reference, below are Maori Land Court publications about successions and Maori Land Incorporations.

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