Committee of Management


John Hura.jpg

John Hura (Chairman)

John is the Chairman of Puketapu 3A Incorporation.  He was appointed as a Committee of Management member in 2001.  His whakapapa to the whenua is through Ngati Turumakina and Ngati Hinemihi.  Current, relevant governance experience includes:

  • Chairman - Wharetoto 5B Incorporation
  • Committee of Management Member - Oraukura 3 Incorporation
  • Trustee – Lake Taupo Protection Trust
  • Trustee – Te Kawakawa Farm Trust
  • Trustee – Lake Rotoaira Trust

He also has significant knowledge and experience in the forestry industry having graduated with a Bachelor of Forestry Science degree from the University of Canterbury in 1988. Since then he has held a number of forest management positions.  Currently, John is the Planning Manager for New Zealand Forest Managers, based in Turangi.  He has lived in the Taumarunui and Turangi area for most of his life and currently resides in Motuoapa.

“I wanted to become a member of this Incorporation because our whanau has had a very long association with the Puketapu 3A Incorporation.  The Incorporation’s business activities are of real interest to me and should provide tangible benefits back to the people and shareholders of Puketapu.  I want to achieve sustained growth of the Incorporation and its people and improved benefits back to the shareholders.”

Dominic Otimi.jpg Dominic Otimi

Dominic was appointed as a Committee of Management member in 2002.  His whakapapa to the whenua is through Ngati Turamakina and Ngati Hinemihi.  Current, relevant governance experience includes:

  • 2001 Oraukura 3a Committee of Management
  • 2002 Puketapu 3a Committee of Management
  • 2004 Hauhungaroa 1 C Inc Chairman – Committee of Management
  • 2008 Hauhungaroa 2 C Inc Committee of Management
  • 2010 Whakarawa Ahu Whenua Trust – Trustee
  • 2011 Whakarawa Farms LTD Chairman – Director
  • 1994 Ngati Hinemihi Treaty Claims Delegate
  • 2006 Tuwharetoa Hapu Forum Delegate
  • 2014 Tuwharetoa Hapu Forum Finance Committee - Chairman
  • 1974 Kauriki Marae Committee member
  • Manunui No1 4th Residue - Trustee
  • Whangaipeke X Ahu Whenua  Trust Chairman - Trustee
  • Waihi Kahakaharoa N04 Ahu Whenua Trust – Trustee
  • Petania Marae Trust Chairman – Trustee

Other relevant experience includes participating in trustee training, farming of sheep, beef and deer, shearing, cropping, building, and heavy machine operation; as well as a partner in D&J Farming Partnership Ltd.

“My love of the land and my love of the whanau are my motivations for being a committee of management member for this Incorporation.  I want to protect our past successes for our mokopuna of the future.” 


 John Mariu.jpg

John Mariu

My name is Wiremu Tekerehi John Mariu.  I was appointed to Puketapu Inc. in 1965.  I whakapapa to this land through Ngati Turamakina and Ngati Hinemihi.  Other current governance roles I hold are:

  • COM Puketapu 3A Inc.
  • COM Oraukura No.3 Inc.
  • Trustee Taheke Paengaroa Trust
  • Director Rotorua Maori Lands

I consider it a privilege to have been able to serve the owners of Puketapu 3A Inc. for the past fifty years.

Down through the passages of time I believe that the experiences and success of commercial pioneering and interaction within Maoridom and especially Ngati Tuwharetoa will never be reached again.  Within our strategic direction we are developing a succession plan which will enrich the future of Puketapu 3A Inc for generations to come.  My role into the future is to be part of that enrichment and to ensure that the future respects that which has passed. 

 Lesley Kapinga.jpg

Lesley Kapinga

Lesley Kapinga was appointed as a Committee of Management member in 2009.  Her whakapapa to the land is through her Te Akau whakapapa.   Lesley is a trustee for Manunui A17, Hauhungaroa 2D1, Hohotaka 2B2A and Ohura South K4 sec C1B2. 

Lesley became a committee member in order to assist the development of a sustainable and profitable organisation that would provide benefits to the owners now and in the future.

Lesley is currently completing trustee training with Rangitoto Tuhua 67B4A.  She is an administrator assistant for Manunui Trust and has been a marae secretary and treasurer for 12 years.  She also has previous work experience in the farming and forestry sectors.


 Rakeipoho Taiaroa.jpg Rakeipoho Taiaroa

Rakeipoho was appointed as a Committee of Management member in 2001.  His whakapapa to the whenua is through his grandmother Ripeke Taite, alias Ripeka Corbett, alias Ripeka Te Popo.  Current, relevant governance experience includes:

  • Chairman – Pukawa Marae Trust
  • Chairman – Waihi Pukawa Trust
  • Deputy Chairman – Tuwharetoa Settlement Trust
  • Deputy Chairman – Lake Rotoaira Trust

Rakei was also the Secretary of Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board from 1998 to 2012.

“My whakapapa, toi tu te whenua; these are the things that motivate me as a member of this Incorporation.  I want to increase benefits to the owners whilst growing the business.  It is a privilege and an honour to serve such an iconic Incorporation.  The Incorporation of the Te Heu Heu Whakapapa.

Veronica Lai.jpg Veronica Rongomaihuia (Bonny Hoko)

Ko te Whenua, he taonga tuku iho, he taonga mo ake tonu ake. Tihei mauri ora!

My whakapapa to Puketapu comes through Ngati Hinemihi and Ngati Turumakina hapu.

I have served on the Board of Puketapu since 2007 and am currently on the Boards and Committees of Management for the Hauhungaroa Partnership ( 1D2 & 1D3 ), Hauhungaroa 1C and Hauhungaroa 2C Incorporations.

Through the korero of my koro, Joe Hoko and my father Reuben Hoko, who both sat on the previous Boards of Puketapu, they would say " you have a duty and obligation, not only to the family but to our people ".   With this korero in mind, one serves with heart, mind, body and soul, te Whanau o te whenua Puketapu.  Mauri Ora.

William Konui.jpg

William Konui

William’s whakapapa to the whenua is through his Ngati Hikairo and Ngati Karauia geneology.  Current, relevant governance experience includes:

  • Committee of Management Member – Oraukura 3 Incorporation
  • Committee of Management Member – Hauhungaroa 1C Incorporation
  • Committee of Management Member – Morikau Incorporation
  • Trustee – Waituhi Kuratau 1A1B2 Trust
  • Trustee – Whangaipeke X Trust
  • Director – Waituhi Kuratau Production Ltd
  • Director and Shareholder – Wools of Aotearoa 

William holds a Certificate of Agriculture from Telford Institute and has been a self-employed farmer for 27 years.  He was also part of the Maori team involved in producer reform of the wool and meat sectors.

“My whanau has a long association with this whenua , and when asked to be an Associate member, I was indeed humbled to be able to contribute and improve on the “mahi” done by our predecessors.  I want to ensure that the farms became a viable entity, and to grow the Incorporation’s business to enable sustainable returns to the shareholders and beneficiaries while ensuring protection of our “Taonga”.

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